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(pixels by flyfloyd on fa)

 guinea pigs

im ester & this is my art/personal blog. posts get deleted often. i jump fandoms a lot so dont follow me for fanart (no srsly..)


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long distance bffs

moogleface replied to your photo:stop me
Feeling sad and lonely, but your lovey art made me feel happy and content. Thank you for being an artist.

aw man dont feel sad! you can get through all of the sad times. i can only send internet hugs, so im glad my art helps a bit

stop me

purin head


for cutie queso! ^q^ thank you whispers KSLFAH;DF your ocs are so cute /collapses

aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA LOOKIT SO CUTE sdfkjffd i love commissioning pidie these are the best chibis TT_____TT omg im so happy thank you

i tried not to fall in love with the megane trash but i failed, i really failed



Pencil/Cosmetic Bags Preorder & Giveaway!

Recently, Emily was sweet enough to help us figure out how to make small bags! We’ve ordered a starting batch to test the waters with selling them, so here are preorders! 

Bags are 5 x 8 inches, printed on durable 600d polyester fabric with a zipper enclosure, and smaller zippered pouch inside.

Preorders: $12, will be open for 2 weeks, and include a random free charm! After preorders, the charm will no longer be included, and prices may rise to $13-15 depending on demand.

Giveaway Rules: reblog up to 2 times. Two winners will be picked at random all rebloggers on August the 31st, at 9:00pm EST. Winners will given one bag of their choice (without charm).


some giftarts yaa

uwaahHH sigh LOOK AT MY BBY UP THERE *___* lisa you sweet gorgeous thing..thank you so much again!! he looks so cute and adorable and perfect
your faces are always the prettiest sdfjkfd hufffff