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(pixels by flyfloyd on fa)

 guinea pigs

im ester & this is my art/personal blog. posts get deleted often. i jump fandoms a lot so dont follow me for fanart (no srsly..)


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cupids!! 20$ each <3

you can also send an ask here if you want one! however adopts info & rules are on fa so please read those

i love these bbs to death

designs by princeton @ fa

sleepy poofs

species @ coynu/nonoel on fa


species @ coynu/nonoel on fa

everytime i see your art i always get so inspired to draw more because your art is so beautiful and i love looking at it and you're great thank you!

dsfhkj covERS MY FACE thank you so much (/ ^ \ )

i hope to become better and better ahh it rly means a lot to me!!

25$ each <3 havent done a batch of these guys in a while haha

OH SIDE NOTE: i finally took off my stitches omg im so haPPY im still limping like hell but i can walk now AHHH excitement!!!




Coey & Shy’s Terrible Summer Fund and Shy’s Commissions

Hello, everyone!
Well, things have gotten so tight, we’ve had to swallow our pride and make an Indiegogo campaign to help us get back on our feet. The IGG page goes into detail, but the TL;DR is we’ve had so many unexpected and expensive bills between my trips (and probable future trips) to the hospital, the tree falling on the house and the damage it caused, and one of our cats needing surgery soon, that everything is backed up, financially. We can’t afford even basics for the time being, like restocking inventory for Otakon (which is in less than a month), getting the car fixed, down to basic bills which are going to start coming in soon.

The IGG campaign gives out thank-you cards, prints, stickers, and discounts to our Etsy shop. It’s difficult for us to stomach blatantly asking for financial help, so we tried to compensate any donations a bit, somehow.

Also I (Shy) am taking marker-coloured character-commissions through the IGG campaign for $50 (this includes shipping the piece to you). I’ve been thinking of taking some, anyway, so it just seemed to fit in as a perk for IGG. Here’s examples of my marker work.

Regardless of if you can contribute or not, it would be a HUGE help if you would reblog/retweet this to get word around. With our next con being still a month away, and a lot to pay for before it, We’re really in a bind!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been so kind to us in the past, and for anyone who contributes or reblogs this IGG post!

We feel awful asking for help, guys, but if you’re able to chip in anything, or even just reblog, we would be extraordinarily grateful!

never feel bad for asking for a helping hand

The crybaby should be called pepper :D

as in pepper-mint?? omg thATS SUCH A CUTE IDEA ACTUALLY! ill def keep that in mind anon